How to clean exhaust pipe

2010 450 EXC. Hello everyone. What can I clean my exhaust pipe with to get it shiny again ? Would steel wool work ?


ha ha ha ha ha :smirk: ha ha aha. thats funny.

Fine steel wool would probably be ok. For the really baked on stuff near the headpipe, I used WD-40 and a worn scotchbrite pad.

Ace Hardware has a Metal Finnishing Pad (simular to Scotchbrite) that made mine look like new except for the dent. :smirk:

Just follow the existing brushed finnish on the pipe, much easier with the pipe off the bike. Needs to be done about once a year w/ heavy use/riding.


I remember reading that oven cleaner works great, but I've never tried it.

Thanks everyone for the tips

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