Ridding in mud

Well i finally got out on the trails for the first time this year! But to no surprise there were alot of sections where the trail was muddy. The guys rode my ass alot about the speed i was riding. They kept saying go faster but i was having alot of issues with control at the speed i was going. They say if i go faster the tires will stay cleaner and i could get more grip. Unfortunately i was spooked at the speed i was going because i was all over the place and out of control. Others were able to ride alot faster then me and i was starting to feel that i was letting the other riders down by having to wait for me. Any good suggestions out there that might help or do i just need to ride more in the mud to build up confidence and speed?:smirk:

The more you ride mud the better you will be for sure. Fun but not safe to ride over your head or comfort zone. Maybe try riding behind one of your buddy's and Keep there pace if you focus on that it may releive some of the sketchy side of the speed

There is a lot of truth in the ride faster theory. You can't poke along in 1st or 2nd gear, you have to be aggressive. If you're moving at a good clip, the tires stay clean and get traction. Slow down and they gum up. Also, with a little more speed, the bike is more likely to keep going straight instead of kicking sideways and sliding out (obviously I'm talking about situations where you want to go straight). With mud (and sand), you can not be lazy and just go along for the ride. They key to figuring it out is to pick your spots where you can get aggressive and if things go wrong, you don't start bouncing off of trees or falling off of cliffs.

thanks for the replies guys

Lots of slippery clay and sometimes snow where I live. When you think you should be in first take second gear the wheel speed will be smoother instead of sharp on/off, look ahead and squeeze the tank/seat with your knees. Take a higher gear but you don't have to be pinned just smooth power and squeeze your legs whether youre sitting or standing. Like they said earlier try following and watch it will also take some pressure off you.

Stand up and look ahead!! Letting the bike move beneath you and looking ahead will improve your mud riding skills 10 fold!

squeezing your legs is the biggest player when riding mud, sand, and hard packed clay...lets you move with the bike not on top of it, which makes you feel sketched out. try it and focus on squeezing the next few rides then it will come natural and you won't realize your squeezing. you'll start riding harder for longer too, as your arms won't get as much arm pump


Never feel intimidated by other riders and let yourself be pushed outside of your safety zone. There is a difference between edging outside your comfort level and that unknown where you are not sure you won't be hurt. Yes, you must push yourself to get better but the best way to feel confident is, yes you've heard this before, practice basic dirt bike drills and ride. Try to find as much mud as possible and ride it. There is no escape-you will get better. :smirk:

everyone sez good things, and really, it does smooth out the faster you go! look far ahead and think momentum. the back WILL squirrel around, but once you figure out that that's all it does, I mean it doesn't squirrel more than what you get(unless you're whiskey on the throttle), it's not so bad and it gets fun.

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