sudco carb adapter bolts?

Has anyone had an issue with using the stock FCR intake bolts on a sudco carb bell mouth adapter? It appears the adapter flange bolt hols are the same width as the bolt heads and aditionally, The bolts seem to bind up upon tightening.

What gives?

the stock bolts are too long.

I just got the TT FCR kit also, but the bolt length was ok, they dropped in fine without bottoming or clearance issues. In my case the adapter was not machined properly to tighten the bolts with the small end of a short allen key. I just had to grind down a allen key to about 1/4" length on the short end to tighten them up. Not a biggie, but not a great design. I just dremeled out a channel now a T-handle or standard allen key goes in quick and easy.

I do wish the adapter was 1/4" longer though, such a pain to swap a jet without fighting with airbox boot. 1 in 10 times it looks like its on but totally off the sealing area on the backside that i cannot see until i start her up and hear the leak. I know it does fit (eventually), but I see no obvious reason why it cant be lengthened a bit and just lean back the subframe a inch when installing which is a whole lot easier. Seems like changing a jet now is now the most difficult thing on the bike to accomplish....

stock FCR intake bolts on a sudco carb bell mouth

the op isnt using the sudco bolts.

installing the bolts is easily done with a ball head allen. no need to make or grind anything.

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