Nausea/upset stomach during race

The last few races I've gotten really nauseas during the race. Particularly if I have to pick the bike up or something similar. I've been racing for years and never had this problem. Why am I experiencing this now? Anyone else ever suffer from this?

What are you eating before the race and the day before?

I have this happen ocassionally to me over the years when I exert too much and/or haven't ate properly before exertion. For me I think it's a drop in blood sugar or at least it has been suggested and I've read that can happen.

This happened recently when lifting with some guys at the gym. We do a strong man contest thing where we set up a bunch of different stations, like bench press, squats, deadlift, kettle bell, heavy sand bag carry, etc. and we go at it for a minute or so and rotate to the next station. I can tell when I haven't eaten enough and don't have any energy, and I felt like throwing up after each station. But as soon as I was done I ate something and felt 100% better within 20-30 minutes.

Take a look at what you are eating 24 hours prior to a race, that might help.

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