Stiff Seat & suspension work

I got a 2007 250 not long ago off of e-bay. I love the bike but the seat is stiff as hell. Is there any way to soften it up some?

Also, I was thinking of getting the suspension revalved. What's some overall opinion of some suspension shops. I live in Harlan, Ky and am not far from Pro-Action and Litz, but have no reservation about shipping it off.

Guts Racing sells a softer seat foam. I got their "soft" foam on my YZ and I love it. I think it's expensive for what it is, but it's worth it.

I can't give you much advice on suspension, as I had mine revalved by a local performance shop. But I can say that a proper revalve is priceless. I trail ride, and they really made my bike much smoother riding.

the seat will soften over time, i have an 07 250 as well, bought it with 14 hrs, on 60hrs now and the seat has nice little bum groove now and is a fair wack softer, i weigh about 90kgs, i stand heaps when i ride too.

suspension wise cant help either, i live in australia, but pro acgtion from what i hear is awesome on yzs for trail/enduro stuff.

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