piston slap

hey guys can piston slap cause the top end to blow, i have a forged wiseco piston in it and bout 40hours on the piston, yes i ran the last piston for the same amount of time and no probs, i no ye say theres a limit on pistons but i am gonna run it for another while,



You sure that what you are hearing isn't your chain slapping around?

Piston slap can snap off pieces of the piston which will most likely wreck your top end and possibly more. What bike do you have? if it's a 125, it should be replaced asap but since you have piston slap, it sounds like it should be replaced anyways. Or it could be your cylinder is worn.

+1 on the cylinder worn, did it measure in spec when the top end was done? I would tear down top end check piston and cylinder measurements and rering the piston ,if all is in spec. 40 hrs is about all i would put on rings. I'm sure others will tell you different but I had a ring failure at 60 hrs so I have learned my lesson the hard way.

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