DR 200 Carb/starting?

I've a Dr200 that I use to teach the Basic Riding Course. I really like it for this purpose, but... it is a real pain in the ass to start when cold. Bump starts easily and runs/starts fine once warmed up. All the obvious has been checked: carb clean,choke lever working, air filter is clean, compression good , valve adjustment etc. There isn't much info in the world about these little bikes, but does anyone have any experience with hard cold starting on these little pigs?

Also, main jet and pilot reccomended? Elevation mostly used at 6500' feet. Thanks, stock = Pilot 35, Main 125 NO MODS TO BIKE


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We had a DR125 that would bump start every time, but you could kick it till the kick-starter fell off (it had some issues, I'm being serious), and it would never start.

Turns out, the spark plug gap was huge! And it looked like a fairly new plug, so the PO must have set it that way. What should I expect though, I paid $140 for it.

Throw a new plug in it. If that doesn't work, clean all your electrical contacts and try again.

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