CRF250X Clutch Lever Clearence Issue

My Handle Bars are cut down pretty far. So much so that I moved my start button to the middle of the Handle Bars. My problem is that I don't have enough leverage to pull the clutch in with two fingers at which point it stops against the front of my outer two fingers that are gripping the Handle Bar preventing me from fully disengaging the clutch. I find that I have to grab a hand full ( all four fingers) when I am slaming on the rear break. I am guessing that there are levers, perches etc that would move the lever position more forward allowing me to fully disengage the clutch before it stops against my two outer fingers.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Shorty levers and move the clamp inwards a little?

When you say in, do you mean towards the center of the handle bar?

Thanks for the tip regarding the shortys

Here are a couple of pics i posted of my 230f set-up, it enables me to retain 2 fingers holding on to the bars and 2 fingers to work the clutch and stops any fingers getting trapped between lever and bars



from underneath



Any suggestions on shorty lever brand? I got one (don't remember brand) and moved the perch in like you did, but now the reach is too far. I need either a different bend lever or a perch with adjustable reach. My bars are stock.



Thanks very much for the pics I ordered the MSR shorty Clutch Lever as a result. Hopefully I get as good a result as you.

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