Will a YZ450 2006 Clutch fit a 2009?

Hi guys

I have a 2006 stock Clutch left over from my old bike. I have been experiencing some clutch fade on my 2009 YZ 450. I was wondering if the 2006 clutch would fit the 2009.

Here are the part numbers from Yamaha:


7. 4X7-16325-00-00 - clutch plate

8. 5TA-16321-00-00 - friction

9. 90501-230E4-00 - spring


7. 5JG-16325-00-00 - clutch plate

8. 5TA-16321-00-00 - friction

9. 90501-231E9-00 - spring

What do you think, would it work?

What you need to make the swap work is the full set of plates from an '06, to start with. The friction plates are the same (you need 9, not 8) but the steels are a different thickness (8 are required).

You also need the pressure plate and springs from an '06 to adjust for the extra plate. In addition to that, you will also need the clutch release arm from an '06. The arm from the '07 and later clutch was modified for lighter pull, and won't lift the plate stack far enough for a good release with an extra plate.

Thanks for the very thorough reply.

I do have all of the 06 parts except for the clutch release arm but it sounds like I should just buy the correct parts (steels and springs) for my 09.

I have only had the 09 bike for a year, bought new in '10, and I am curious as to why I am getting clutch fade? I keep it properly adjusted. It happened one day after doing just a few starts, on a relatively cool day. Any thoughts?

I'd go for the whole 06 set up in your 09.

I never had problems with my 06 clutch.

I have had minor problems with my 08 and with my 10.

Switched my release lever on my 10 to a 2011 longer arm and it works great.

If I were you I would just convert your 09 set up to an 06. They worked better.

I had some issues with the 07 clutch, and switched it to a full 06 Hinson...No more issues, no fading, no adjustments needed, no notches in the basket, no burnt plates...Was a ridiculous cost (around $1000 bucks) but I had the dough at the time (was working a ton of overtime) and I've never before or since ridden a bike with a better clutch...

If your stock 06 clutch is in good shape and all you need is the clutch arm and new 06 plates and springs, go for it, you won't be disappointed...

One thing that seems to exacerbate the fade problem is aftermarket plates. Some of them tend to change size a lot with heat compared to OEM.

The '06 clutch is very rugged, and makes a good upgrade.

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