SPI shock rebuild/revalve in process..couple questions.

Got my forks done Saturday and was working on the shock yesterday. Everything went very well, had no problem removing peen, etc. I got the revalve done and the nut loctite'd on and stopped there for the day. I was looking over everything last night and noticed there is a seal in one of the bags (pic below) and I think I may have been supposed to install this on the seal head? Also in instructions it says not to remove seal head if you're not going to replace seal but I did that too. I had read through docs but apparently didn't retain everything.

Anyhow, think I'll be OK or should I try to get the nut back off? Also, could I re-use that nut if I do?

While I'm at it there are 2 o-rings in the kit and 1 small nut. I think the o-rings go to the exchange piston, however, I have no idea where the nut might go. (It's smaller than the ones that go in the forks).

Thanks, I'll prolly call Dave later but wanted to post here first.


The Seal


The O-rings and Nut...



The big seal is for sealing the shaft. Located in the seal head. The smallest seal is for the exchange piston and the bigger one is for the compression cap. And the the nut is for the stem on the exchange piston. You have to remove the nut too enlarge the six holes on the exchange piston.

OK, thanks. Luckily, I got the piston with 8 holes so I do not need to drill, per Dave.

The shock nut will come back off without a problem if it was torqued correctly. As far as reusing it goes, I can't really recommend that, but it usually works, especially since you're using Loc-Tite. Remember that you need to give the Loc-Tite a good 12-18 hours to cure before exposing it to oil.

On the interior side of the seal head, you'll find a big stiff black rubber donut. This has a square edge on the outside of it that fits into a groove in the seal head. Pry it inward and up out of the groove as if it were a snap ring, lift out the steel shim underneath it and then the seal, noting the direction it's installed. Easy.

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