I weigh 180 pounds and find that the suspension is a little stiff on my new 426F. I believe that the stock suspension is for a 200 pounder, is that correct? Any suggestions on how to change this if need be?


If you are interested in having an aftermarket suspension set you up, you can use a free forum at www.dirtrider.net for advice from Jeremy Wilkey of MX-Tech. The nice thing about this bulletin board site is that Jeremy will give you ball park type of advice. From there, you can shop around with a pretty good idea of what you will need. As an index for you, I used MX-Tech for my suspension upgrade and weigh the same as you. The forks were revalved, new seals, Mobil ATF, midvalve fix, and upgraded bumpers. The stock springs were used as per Jeremy. The rear shock received a revalve, upgraded bumpers, and a new spring rate. I don't have that spring spec in front of me at present...but, I am very pleased with the result. Personally, the biggest improvement is the plushness of the shock over acceleration and braking stutter bumps. The price...$750. RG3 is another excellent suspension shop. Some suspension shops are setting up web sites that you can input your weight and riding abilty into and get a recommendation of springs and valving specs. There are other good suspension tuners out there so shop around.

No, it's set up for a 160 to 175lb rider and for MX not trails.

All KYB's are very stiff until broken in.

Get a few hours on it before you start messing with it.

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