Rain! Rain! Go away!!!!

I live in michigan but i know there are a few other states around me that are getting hit really bad too. it has been rain every day for the past 4-5 weeks other than the 4-5 days throughout that we had sun or just cloudy skys with no rain. IM SO SICK OF IT!!!!!:smirk: I got my drz400sm on may 2nd and have only got to ride it like 5 or 6 times. I did manage to get the james dean kit done and im just waiting for the MRD SSW to get here. prob another week till it ships and a few more days to arive. the wait is killing me.:smirk:

funny how we wish our days away, then we will be wishing them back as we get older.

what state are you in and hows the weather there?

nj. blows.

Mass...rain and drizzle...sucks:banghead:

hells yeah

looks like this is gonna be one of those years where you just say F it and ride in the rain...its not so bad as long as its not to cold out

NY- Sucked off and on for the last 2 weeks. Just got my 09 SM too. Hasn't stopped me. Marmot Precip pants and some moxy have gotten me through.

Boy oh boy!!!!!! Do I love my California weather. Sunny blue skys this morning at 6am for my ride to work and looks like it will be sunny in the 70s today like it has been for the last week or so. Rain doesn't bother me. Living in northern california you get used to it. I ride year round.

Yea NJ weather has been sucking hardcore. Got my S at the end of April and my road test keeps getting rained out so I haven't been able to legally do any solo riding yet.

Its doing the same thing here in South Western ontario. They are saying they are hitting records for the amount of rainfall that we have been having.. However for SW Ontario and Michigan, it will be a dry, hot summer so lots of time for riding =P

50 and rainy everyother day here in good ole wisconsin! Im definatly getting sick of it.

Portland OR, coldest spring in a long time. We still have only had a few days of temps above 70. I'm ready for some better weather too.

Ohio - Total shit, just like you're dealing with. It's killing me too!!

I gave up, shinkos don't seem to mind the rain.

Missouri getting hammered.

not just the rain here it's the temps high 40's to low 50's just seem wrong at the end of may:foul:

Here in Georgia, we'll gladly take your rain. It sucks pretty bad to be feeding cows the hay you just baled a month ago. . .

Carson, Wa. Been the coolest, wettest spring in a long time. Next 10 days is nothing but rain and 60s. That's about what the last 10 weeks have been!

LA, getting hot but we get to ride year round

Been raining here in WV pretty much everyday for over a month . That's what waterproof riding gear is for , ride anyway it's just rain. I use the Firstgear Kathmandu Jacket and pants along with the IconAccelerant Waterproof Boots and AlpinestarsSR-2 Drystar Gloves . It can pour the rain all day and Im as dry as sitting in a car or truck.

water brings rust,,rain gets everywhere and places you cant get to to clean,.riding in it is not even enjoyable imo..i avoid water on my bike like the plague,,good thing i'm in az

Had two inches of SNOW last Thursday...a high of 40. Overcast, windy, rain/snow on most days out of the last three weeks. Thunderstorms as we speak.

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