pvl flywheel weight

I am using the PVL ignition on my sc500.After my 2nd race outing I'm thinking some flywheel weight maybe helpful.For those you unfamiliar the PVL is an inner rotor design so it is much lighter than the stock setup.Since the weights aren't cheap i'm hoping for someone has already figured out how much weight works best.I use this bike for vintage racing,so I don't want to over weight it.

thanks Brett

Cheapest route is to go back to the stock flywheel stator assembly. I had a similar problem with a motoplat (same design), and there doesn't seem to be any cheap alternative.

I ran a PVL on one of my SR500 for a long time. I bought a 16oz weight from someplace on the east coast. It simply screwed on the outside end of the flywheel into the holes for the puller, a total of 4 available. should be not too hard to get one made or buy one. It was very heplful in getting the power under control. I'll look around and see if I can find out where I got it.

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