Used KTM 400EXC vs. Yamaha WR450

I'm looking at getting back into riding and would appreciate some good input from riders who have experience with both of these bikes.

I'm a 45+ year old who raced a few years of MX back in the day. I fit and can still ride but less interested in racing speed and more interested in riding, having some fun and still being able to go to work uninjured the next day. I'm 5-10" 180 lb. I want the bike to be steet plated to allow me to ride to some local areas (approx. 1 hour each way max.) without having to trailer. If I get into it I'll buy a trailer later. I estimate I'll ride 10 to 20 days per year. I'll probably join a local trail riding / dual sport club. May ride the odd fun enduro.

I've done some research on this site to help my narrow down what type of bike I think would suit my needs. I have found a 2000 KTM 400EXC and a 2003 Yamaha WR450 both plated for the street. I have not seen them but presume they are both in similar decent condition considering their age. The Yamaha is $500 less asking price. I am planning to spend less than $3000. I would appreciate good advice from someone who has experience with both. Also interested in knowing estimated amount of maintainance time required monthly or annually and approximate cost to maintain per year from actual owners. If there are other bikes that meet this criteria that I should consider let me know. I have eliminated Suzuki DRZ400 from my list of candidates as I think I would prefer a little less weight and more trail riding abilitilty than it is designed for.

Let me know. Thanks.

i heard that the WR450 is very reliable

I'd go for the yammi, although you should be able to find newer versions of both bikes for sub-300,

Any four stroke that old is a big risk

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