trade 07 kx250f for 09 kx450f?

possible trade of my 07 kx250f with revavled woods suspension plus $800 for 09 kx450f with similar suspension and fmf mega bomb. any opinions?

If you want a 450, I'd go for it...

IMHO, even a bone stock '09 KX450F is worth more than $800 more than a clean '07 KX250F with mods. A few things to think about. Your bike is twice as old as an '09, it's a cheaper bike to begin with, and the suspension mods aren't worth anything to anyone unless they ride in the same area as you, with the same riding style as you, and are of a similar weight as you. You may find someone who has a stock 450 and is scared of it and is looking to trade down, but don't be too upset if it doesn't happen.

do it yesterday:thumbsup:

yeah well the guy backed out on me :smirk: go figure

ahhh sorry bro

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