'99 KX250 Jetting Questions

I recently picked up this bike. It's got an FMF Gnarly pipe, Turbine Core 2 Silencer (just repacked it), new Boyeson stock reeds, Twin air filter, and I got a JD Jet kit. I've got the #45 Pilot, the 168 main, and the Blue needle on the 3 notch.

Riding 2 track (idling and wound out) at about 5500' I'm getting a bog off idle and a slight drip of splooge coming off the silencer at the end of a 45 minute ride. I've got the air screw 3 turns out and understand not to go further. The idle is still a bit high at 3 turns out.

The splooge I'm not too concerned about as I figure the low speed stuff is what's causing that. From what I've found, it sounds like I need to look at the Pilot jet to cure the off idle bog but wanted to verify that before I start just guessing.

Any help is appreciated.


Thought about that but figured this would be the place. Might try there in a bit. Thanks.

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