2010 rmz250 for $2000

found a 2010 rmz 250 for $2000 with a lock up motor, is that a good deal? i can fix it myself.

if its a 2010 and already locked up who knows what else is wrong with it.

I wont go over 1000 $ on basket cases, unless I know for sure the cases & head are good and I can inspect them myself

think of the worst case scenerio. $1200 for complete head. $400 for cylinder and piston. $250 for crank. thats almost $2000 more your putting into it

If your going to fix it and keep it absolutely! If you’re looking just to flip it here is what I do. I would see what the PO says about how it locked up, was he bouncing off the rev limiter in 5th, or did he just try to start it one day and it wouldn’t move? With that info I try to predict what went wrong, and how much it might cost. Then I assume the worst (excluding broken rod and damaged case) bottom end, cylinder, piston, usually valves….

I then look at what I could easily sell it for, let’s use 4 grand in your case. If you could replace all those parts, and make a few hundred off of it for your troubles, I would buy it.

i'll be keeping it to ride, what else could be wrong with it other than motor? suspension may need to be rebuilt i guess? other than that i don't see there being much else, bearings in swingarm and linkage but that be easy to tell if there is much play in them. appriciate all the help!

Be hard to wear out the suspension in a year. Its one of those things you gotta see in person though.

That's right, just trying to get a hold of them now to a have a little q&a time

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