rpms for xr 650 l

what would be the idle rpms be for a xr 650 l i saw something and it said like 1300 rpms but i think thats why to high i bought a cheap rpm gauge of ebay it says mines idle about 800 and sound good is it 900 rpms at idle like most bikes im a noob a sigles lol:bonk:

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I set the idle so it won`t die when i crack the throttle fairly quickly,not sure what RPM that is...


I don't know, but it's almost slow enough that you can count the pops.

Side note - 1 pop = 2 rotations.

My 2009 owners manual on page 181 says 1,300 +/- 100 rpm for idle speed. So am unsure to say to that. I don't have a tach on my bike so I don't know what my bike idles at. did you buy your bike used?

yeah i bought it used with 28000 miles rebuilt after 10000 runs great was stalling out at idle and ive been adjusting it trying to figure out where it runs best its modded dont know to wht extent it was getting poor gas mileage its getting better and i havent done anything to effect that maybe it was th bearings making it get 30 mpg lol gonnareplace em as soon as i get back in town taking my wife to the cleveland clinic . i bought a beater xr 650 l for 1000 thats a project but it runs great and i drove it home lol it just isnt pretty both are 93s


it didnt work did it how do you post pics lol

It sounds like you have a tachometer meant for or set for a four-cylinder engine. These engines have a wasted spark ignition; the plug fires at TDC on every crank rotation, thus "wasting" the one that fires on the end of the exhaust stroke. As such, the tach needs to be set for whatever engine/ignition combination the instructions say generates one spark per revolution....usually a twin without wasted spark.

You're the man HT ! I hadn't heard that one before.

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