Icon 90x Throttle/Cable

my bikes throttle and throttle cable are broken were is a good place to get new parts for my bike i keep calling place and looking but not having luck let me know were to find parts for my bike THANKS!!

just bring both your cables into a dealership (i.e a Honda or Kawasaki dealership) and get them to bring a few out around the same size and measure out which one will work.. I had to do that with my pitster pro it ended up being a Kawi cable that I used..

You might be able to use the throttle tube and cable shown below, depending upon what you have on the bike right now. Post up some pics of your throttle, cable, and carb so we can see what you're working with.


the bike is all stock the cable does a 90 degree angle out of the carb an thats were it broke!!

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