YZ Timing on WR Clarification

I have an 07 WR250F and was under the impression that to get YZ timing I need to go aftermarket cam or to a YZ cam since something changed in 05. But some other threads I have read indicate you can still do the one-tooth cam rotation on the 05 and newer WR's. Can someone please clarify? Thanks:thumbsup:

You should. The only thing you need to do is take the cam out and grind 1mm off of the decomp pin and keep the same dome profile

Thanks Swede! I was hoping you'd reply. Cheers

Thanks Swede! I was hoping you'd reply. Cheers

I have an 05 and was wondering the same thing, thanks for asking. Is there any chance you could take some pictures of your cam adjustment and what you're filing down and send them to me?

Thanks Swede! I was hoping you'd reply. Cheers

No problem man! Glad I could help and have fun!


I did the mod; helps a bunch- Some claim it makes starting a bit more difficult.Does not open the valve at the exact appropraite time..Try to find TDC and give it full, firm kicks..

Is there any sort of write up out there for this? Seems pretty straight forward and I can kind of see what everyone means using the photos for the older models on the thumper faq, but if there is a link to something that specifically covers this, that would be cool. I'll snap some pics when I get to mine too.

What exactly do you need to know? What do you have questions on? It's pretty straight forward.

Yes and yes. Just follow those directions and grind 1mm off that pin and you're good to go!


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