idle to 1/4 throttle lag on 04 pw50

got a 04 p-dub 50. mods-boyesen power reeds,no spark arrestor or silencer,k&n filter. bike revs out good. my son weighs bout 50lbs. from idle to 1/4 throttle it bogs big time. tried diff main jets, just caused it to run rich. play with carb slide and can get some good top end but still no low end. fixed budget. any cheap suggestions?:smirk:

idle to 1/4 throttle is the pilot jet and mixture screws area, the main has no significant effect (unless it's super huge).

First, make sure your carb is clean, there's no point in adjusting a dirty carb. While you're at it, check to make sure the choke closes all the way too.

Zero dollar solution, adjust the mixture screw, cheap solution is put a different pilot in. When you say "play with the the carb slide", do you mean you changed the cut-out? If so, that has an effect, but almost no one changes those.

didnt change cut out. tried raising and lowering clip position on the needle. nobody has that small pilot or main. gonna have to order. has a #40 pilot and #70 main. may try to open pilot up a lil with cutting torch tip cleaner.

look up pj motorsports. com i get all my jets from there. they will deff have what u need.

Try this guy:

I've received stuff I ordered within two days, even I was amazed at that one. Only thing is if you order multiples, you'll need to request invoice because it doesn't calculate the multiple item discount properly.

I'd expect you'd get it a day longer than me since it comes from FL.

Identify the style you need from this:


Then pick a few sizes.

Put a tablespoon of "SEAFOAM" in the gas. See if it helps. That stuff is like magic. That is the first thing I do when I'm having a carb issue. If it keeps up after 10 to 15 min then I look at other things. Pilot and airscrew would be first on my list for your complaint.

thanks for all the tips guys. tried a #60 main today,run it pretty hard for bout 10 mins, pulled plug,it was ash gray and extremely hot. too lean? put 70 back in, go at it again tomorrow. considering qt50 gear swap. any info on where to get or how to do would be greatly appreciated.

these Pdubs like to run better a little rich, dont lean them out too much. if you can get the bike to clear then you are in the ball park.

get a qt50 gear off ebay, you will find them on there once and a while. try and get the whole rear end, so that you can swap out rear ends at the track if need be. the only thing you have to do is change out the axles from the qt axle to a pw axle.

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