2007 honda crf250r milky condensation on trans fill cap...

Got an 07 crf250r i noticed when i was changing my trans fluid on the fill cap underneath side there was a little milky lookin crap. The fluid maybe had a slight milky tint to it. My coolant level is full. So i changed the trans fluid and got 2 rides on it and checked it last nite and there is still that milky condensation on the cap... Any help? Engine oil is full and fine. Coolant is full and fine also.

It's condensation most likely. Make sure that all of your o-rings on the case plugs are good and take them out and put a little grease on them. Then re install them nice and tight. Do u do a lot of deep water riding?

No not alot of deep water riding...occasional puddles. Im thinkin a new o ring on my fill plug and keep the pressure washer away from it for awhile. Thats the only thing i can think of. Ill grease that o ring also. I just scared me becuase ive never seen it before and im always on top of my maintance 100%

Make sure you get the other covers tooo!!

What other covers? You mean the case side plugs on the trans side??

Yea and make sure the bolts on the transmission are torqued.

K thankyou im gonna retorque everything tonite.

For what it's worth, my 2010 CRF250rs' owners manual states that "some condensation can form within the transmission cavity as well, this is natural" on page 104 of the manual.

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