Overheating problem again. Please help..

I was riding my 03 crf450r through the woods and i never get out of first gear, im on the clutch alot. My bike overheated 3 times in one day. I have to keep refilling the coolant every time i wanna ride. Its really gettin on my nerves too. I was riding behind a kid on a crf80 and he was takin his time up a hill so i stopped at the bottom of the hill and waited. I was lettin the bike idle for maybe 1-2 minutes and i looked down and steam was blowin everywhere. A few drips of coolant came of with it. I just shut the bike off and pushed it home. (because i wrecked it like 10 minutes ago and my brake pedal poked another hole through the jbweld on my clutch cover but anyway) i looked down and i was leaking tranny oil everywhere too so i just pushed her home. Any suggestions for why she overheats so much?? Im thinkin about tradin for a 250f :smirk: because the 450 is too much for the woods. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks a billion.


overheats alot cause you.. "never get out of first gear, im on the clutch alot" AND .. (your stopping) "lettin the biek idle for maybe 1-2 MINUTES". :smirk: It no likey that. it's a race bike, with a pretty big motor that needs to be going about 5-7mph to have much cooling effect. That said, you could try some oversized rads, the china ones, $150 maybe? Will solve some of your issues, but that just isn't what that bike is designed to be doing.

If you can`t get out of first , you need a smaller bike! The crf is a nice bike but , if your riding woods and can`t hit sec. gear , its diff. to much bike for you. You would have more fun on a 125 , or a 200 ktm.

If youre slipping the clutch in first youre not moving fast enough to push enough air through the rads and it WILL over heat. Sitting for a minute or two doesnt seem like that big of a deal but the engine was already hot from plodding along at 2 mph. Then you stop and the super heated coolant pushes past the cap and youre done.

Short of a different cam, lower compression piston and a bigger radiators you really dont have a decent fix.

What you need is a 250X, not a 450F for that type of riding. The perfect bike is really an air cooled XR.

I woods ride my 08 450 and with regular coolant I overheat, especially in the tight technical stuff, any way I have completely flushed that green stuff out and filled with engine ice works great. Also bolt in a fly wheel weight, takes out the crack on a 450, it will make you feel comfortable and therefore faster just my two cents worth

Thanks guys, I appreciate those replys. Maybe I will look into getting a smaller bike. I just LOVE the snap, power and speed of the 450r. Im going to switchback raceway this saturday to ride the race track and maybe give racing a shot. If I like it and arent to bad, I'll keep the 450 for race and maybe buy a 250f or 125 2smoke for woods. If not then Ill trade for a smaller bike. Thanks a billion


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