Raines University Review

As soon as I heard Jason was having a class near me, I was pumped!! I didn't have the gift of growing up with racers, I wasn't even allowed to have a dirtbike, until I bought my own at 16. I wasted no time signing up and starting making my list of things I would need for 3 days of learning from a master. Severe flooding caused Jason to have to move the class to the next week and shorten it to a 2 day class, but I was still ready to go!

First thing to know about him is that he truly seemed to care about what he was doing and was excited for everyone of us to be better. The morning workouts were about what I expected, a slap in the face that I'm not in shape. I forged thru them, anyway. Then we got on our bikes. Who knew that you could get so exhausted with only 14miles on my odo. and probably never got above 10mph that first day. :smirk:. Jason showed me things that seemed so simple yet I had never done them or even when I thought I was doing them I wasn't doing them right. He made sure everyone in the class from the trailrider to the AA rider was doing the drills correctly and confidently. Finally dark came and we could take a break. :smirk:

Day two was more of the same but now working on obstacles. Jason had me doing things I never would have thought about in the past. Now I do them effortlessly and with confidence. The day wrapped up with a few pretty big challenges and I was super psyched to do them.

Results. 2 days later I ran my 2nd race as a B Vet. I won the class and placed 8th overall. I was running C Vet at the beginning of the year and was only a trailrider last year. 8th overall was 20 spots better than anything I had ever done in the past. I was focused the entire race, felt great, knew what mistakes I was making and how to correct them.

I really felt like I made a friend with Jason, and that he really enjoyed seeing us succeed.

Thanks again Jason.

If you're even considering going to this class, then quit thinking about it and SIGN UP ALREADY! You won't be sorry. We easily spend $500 on exhaust or suspension to think we are going faster, why not spend the money on something you can take with you to any bike you ride/own as well as skills you can pass on to your kids/family.

Congrats on your win last weekend Zac! Boston Mountain is right around the corner.

Thanks, I'm hoping I can do half as good there as I did at Sturkie. Like most I just really enjoy riding, but finishing well sure helps. :smirk:

he grew up and rode "out here" in WA state and we ride a local trail called "Raines grade" pretty regularly. I think about his greatness every time i ride it.


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