2006 crf250r

Ok I am searching for a new mx bike:bonk: and I have ran across a good deal on 06 crf250r, idk anything about these bikes besides I have heard that they like to eat the valves? Is this true, also what are some pro's and con's of this bike and what should I look for on the bike as far as maintence? Also how do these bikes compare to a 250 2t on the track? This is all I will be doing, would I ride faster or slower? Any advice on this bike would be greatly apperciated.


Thanks for all replies:ride:

i own an 06, its a great bike so far, only about 10 hrs on it. valves are looking great. starts first kick, get the jd jetting kit and do the full AP mod...really helps the bog off idle. only complaint is the side plates get hot while riding cuz of the dual mufflers, not really a big deal.

just make sure you go over every inch of that bike before you buy it, quiz the owner on the maintenance, offer 1800 if you find anything you need replaced soon...good luck!

yes...it will be slower than a 250 2T

They don't eat valves with good maintenance. It's the BAD air filter/engine maintenance that causes the valves to go...

My son has been riding a 2007 CRF250R we bought for nearly three years now, and it's been a pretty good bike. We did have a lifter bucket fail last year which caused a complete top end replacement, but I chalk it up as expected with the number of hours it has.

Check the normal stuff: chain tension, counter/sprocket wear, chain cleanliness, leaky front for seals, dirt caked around the fork seal, spin the wheels for trueness, clutch wear (lever free-play, put in gear check for creep, does it hook-up?),check airbox for cleanliness, strange noises like clattering or knocking when running, brake pad wear, check rims for cracks, overall tire condition...

and two of my favorites....how many kicks does it take to start when stone COLD? What does the garage/workspace look like (clean & organized)?

Unless you know the owner and how it's been taken care of during it's life, it's a big unknown buying a used bike.

How would this bike handle on the track compared to my cr?

Even with excellent air filter/oil maintainence, this bike will still have problems with the OEM intake valves, I guarantee you. If you do buy it, wait until the valves go out of adjustment and then put in a set of Kibblewhite stainless steel intake valves, and you'll be good to go for awhile. :smirk:

How much is that man

looks like a good deal to me..i got an 06 from nephew a while back , looked like it had about 4000 hrs on it. still running though, knock on wood, i checked valves they were in spec so put an hr meter on it and changing oil and filter often, i think 06 was a pretty good yr for them, good power. look at the under-frame to see if its got lots of scratches, rust, whatever, look at front and rear sprocket for wear, look at shift lever to see if looks like its been used alot...should be good bike.

kibble valves are cheaper then oem valves i belive...i have them in my bike and it runs great....got 70 hours and a race seasson on it and they are still in spec....if you do buy the bike first mod you should do is re seal the air boot...the air boot can allow dirt in since honda didnt seal it very well...as for how will it be compared to a 250 2t...i went from a 250t to a 250 4t and love it !!!! i run faster lap times on my 4t then i did on my 2t...maintance is about the same as 2t but you will be changing the oil more....change the motor oil every five hours and the oil filter every other oil change and the trany fluid everytime the oil filter is changed...and MAKE SURE you clean the air filter after every ride...air filter maintance is key to these bikes...

But before you buy it look it over like you are wanting to find things wrong with it...check the frame fo cracks and smashed parts....

And i dont care what they guy says if he tells you it wasnt rode hard he is lieing to your face..no one buys a dirt bike and puts around on it..also check the fork tubes to see if the have fork fluid on them.

after looking at the pics again. check the fork seals super hard...the bike is straped down way to tight in the picture..the for seals are problly already blown.

Yeah I know that was what I noiticed. I just got done replacing fork seals on my bike

And i dont care what they guy says if he tells you it wasnt rode hard he is lieing to your face..no one buys a dirt bike and puts around on it..

Unless you buy one from an old geezer like me. I can count on my two hands how many times my 2005 has hit the rev limiter...and I can't recall ever taking it WOT. Most us old guys take it easy. It just hurts too much to go down these days :smirk:

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