2011 kx250f issues

Hello TT need some help here any info will be greatly appreciated!!

I got a 2011 kx250f I rode it a few times then all the sudden I go to crank it the next day and wouldn't start unless I pull started it! Ok then I thought the valves have tightened up! Tore it down and the exhaust valves were to spec but the intake valves had zero clearance! So I pulled the shims out and it had .235 shims so I did the equation and it came to a .220 so I order some .215, .220, and .225! Ended up putting the .215's in! Rode it a few times anS now the same thing!!! Has anyone had any problems out of these bikes with the valves stretching or do you think it just need re-shimmed???:smirk:

Thanks everyone!!!

Perhaps you should post this in the KX250F forum.

i dont have an 11,but 07,09 10 if you need to shim that much that fast. you should puul the head off and inspect the valve, the head of the valve could drop costng you more money.

How do you pull start a bike? And as for your valves, not good. If the tighten after you shimmed and re-checked the clearance. You need to get your head to a machine shop

Pull starting as in pulling it behind a fourwheeler! Lol!

How do you pull start a bike?

Pull it behind another vehicle and then bump start it.

you said you rode it a few times? give us a rough estimate how many hours are on the bike. Next how have you take care of it. Please give us basicly a detailed summury of all maintance you have done to the bike.. I.e oil changes oil filter, air filter ect..

america must be ahead of us for theres very few new bikes here the year theyre released.

surely there cant be that many hours on it? is there a warranty with it?

Irish, I've had my 2011 since july of last year. Have 30hrs on it.. Theres others who have more hours then me. How ever I just completly fried the clutch on the 2011 saturday..

It hasn't been on a MX track, I have a track at my house where I ride it my bike and my sons 50 so it hasn't been in that dusty of an eviroment I Would say approximately 5hrs on the bike total and I've serviced it maybe 5 times since I have had it!!

First thing i'm going to say is you probably had an airleak somewhere.. This caused dirt to get into the intake tract and then hitting the valves. How ever once a valve looses it's coating it will zero out fairly quickly with in an 30-60 minutes generaly. Shimming it may get you another ride/race but it's not going to last. You need to replace the valves unfortunatly. I can understand if one valve went south that maybe it was a manufactures defect but for both to zero then it's due to dirt plain and simple. if you keep riding on it you run the risk of dropping a valve and well you're gonna loose alot of money fixing it..

Contact dave @ mxtime.com he's the only person I will ever let touch my bike..

By the way it's very unlikly you will get kawasaki to cover this. They're going to say it was due to improper maintance either a bad airfilter or leaving something loose ect..

Good luck my friend that does suck.

^^ + 2. Dirt ingesting ate your valves.

Do not try to run it any more. Get the valves done by a COMPETENT shop.

Kawasaki will not cover it.

^ +3

The valve didn't zero out this time though! It's a tight 3 on a feeler gauge, spec says a 3-5 so if it's a tight 3 wouldn't you think that meant it wasn't shimmed out enough the last time I shimmed it?

The valve didn't zero out this time though! It's a tight 3 on a feeler gauge, spec says a 3-5 so if it's a tight 3 wouldn't you think that meant it wasn't shimmed out enough the last time I shimmed it?

Very good possibility, you might want to re-shim and get a good solid measurement reading on it so you can tell if it is still moving. The risk is that if it is a valve stretching and you drop a valve during that test time , that will be expensive. Right now more than likely you need a simple repair.

Not to burst daves bubble but the OP stated he rode it a couple of times and then it was hard to start. He checked clearances and they were zero. This is simply not a simple repair. He just shimmed them and now its starting to tighten that means it's only a matter of time before they zero again or drop. Either way. put new valves in it or run it till it blows and be out alot of money his choice.

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