fit dr350 dirt moderl plastic tank to dr 350 S

hello all. i have dr350 dirt moderl plastic tank and i would like to fit it to my dr 350 S. the thing is that the plastic tank does not have the mounting hardware so i trying to figure out how i can mount it right.

the only part i have figure is that i should have the "ears" of it on both sides so they can catch upon the frame at the front side .. but what about the mounting where the seat is ? any1 have a clue or have done something same ?:smirk:

It's funny you should mention that. I have a plastic dirt model tank that I kept as a spare for my DR350S. I haven't tried to fit it on my bike, but the plastic tank has a mounting bracket that fits under the seat similar to the metal tank. Maybe the plastic tank you have is missing that bracket?

The bracket looks like it has two pieces, one is screwed into the plastic tank. You probably have that, else you would have several holes your tank. The second piece is connected with rubber standoffs and appears to have the same bolt patterns as the metal tank. Maybe you are missing that. Worst case, you could fab something up with some sheet steel or maybe even aluminum.

as you said ,my tank have several holes but nothing like a bracket on it unfortunatelly :smirk:. i have seen how the plastic and metal tanks mounts but the thing that wonders me more is if the stock mount of the dirt plastic tank will bolt on to the seat mount that the S model have.

Can you maybe post me here some pics of your own tank so i take some ideas?maybe with a meassure beside to understand the lenght of the brackets etc? i would be so glad.

here some pic of my own "naked" plastic tank


I'll take some pictures later today and post them. Is it possible to track down the person who sold you the tank? He probably left the mounting brackets on the frame.

Hope the links works as it will show you the complete setup.

Heres the Ebay link just in case you need it.

Sorry but I honestly don't think you'll be able to fit a dirt model tank on an S model too easily without some serious fabrication since the oil is contained in and flows through the front of the frame.

Good luck :smirk:






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