Oil Leak

Can someone tell me why I would have oil slowly dripping out of my breather tube that comes off the rear of the case? I'v only had the bike a couple months and it just started doing this. I did run a take of 92oc with Lucas Oil octane booster in it. Don't know if that would cause this?

2003 TTR125L with BBR150Kit


Is the oil level a little bit over-filled? That would do it.

You're pumping plenty of fluid with the big bore, and the pressure has to be relieved somewhere.

Perhaps the big bore is especially sensitive to oil level?

Actually my oil is a little low. I'm going to change it out this week. Yea I'm not sure I have no oil leak anywhere around the cylinder or cam area just out the breather tube. I would say overnight there would be about a 2x2 inch size wet spot.

Any ideas? or is they how the BBR kits work?

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