'10 Bar risers

I'm not very tall but I really could use a tiny bit more height, standing is hard to reach comfortably. Was thinking these tusk 1.2" risers would do the trick.


I currently have the bar in the furthest forward position, which is slightly too far forward, I know these will move my bar position back slightly, hopefully not too much, but just right.

Is this going to be structurally sound enough? I mean for 20 bucks, especially when i have a 20 dollar credit, and it is something I think needs fixing, I would think it would be a good solution to me buying higher rise bars.

Anyone have opinions on these things, cheap solution work ok for now? or is it a bad idea?

Meh I wasted posting, i bought them anyways so i could get them in time for my trip in a couple days. Wouldn't hurt to hear opinions though I suppose.

Let me know how they workout i've been considering the same thing.

I bought the older stackable risers from Tusk for a WR (I like the one you reference better) and they are great. I'm 6' and also use the tallest bars I could find (Pastrana FMX), but my riding is almost all stand up. On the WR we don't have the luxury of being able to move the bars forward in the clamps. I think you will like the risers just fine and as you said, you really can't go wrong for $20. The only thing I don't like about my setup is that without being able to move the bars forward, standing up on inclines is pretty difficult, but on level ground and especially downhill where I am hanging way back it's awesome.

Awesome i think i will like them, and let people know here. I put mine all the way forward for just that purpose, getting up over the front end, my bars are also tilted forward slightly so my wrists are in a favorable position when climbing.

I'm 5'10" with 32" inseam but wanted a slightly higher bar position so I installed 6mm aluminum spacers atop the triple clamp under the lower handlebar mount. Perfect now for my goofy body and riding style.

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