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pit bike performance qeustions???

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i was told that by taking the OEM cylinder head gasket apart and than gluing/sealing the two metal parts back together, that it will raise the compression on an xr50? True False?

i was also told that advancing the timing would help out some as well?

the only things i have done to the bike is bigger main jet #62 k&n air filter, and fast50s pipe

im going to have my cylinder bored 2.00 over and put in wiseco piston and rings.

i just want a bike thats a little bit faster than stock and also if possible have some minor changes that most people dont do to give it that little extra power wether in be really noticalble or not

i have two other pit bikes 1 with an 88cc kit and the other all decked out with a 124cc motor.

so please dont tell me to just go with an 88cc kit or what ever...

thanks for the help

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