G-Force Chips?

Has anyone ever heard of or used a chip by these guys? for $70, i'm skeptical. http://www.gfchips.com/

I've never heard of them...which isn't a good thing.

That's what i was thinking. Seems sketchy for sure.

What are you gonna buy it for?

Nothing specific, i was just looking for chips for my dad's 7.3, but i know there are other chips that have a name for themselves out there and they give more power. I seen they have a huge list of different cars these chips work with so i was just curious if anyone uses these.

Go ask on a diesel or car specific forum. You will get more answers.

for the 7.3, get a chip from dp tuner, you wont believe the difference it makes

Edge banks bully dog etc...

When there are competing company's with the same product and using old technology there will always be one that is less expensive.

If you go to a diesel shop and have tunes made custom for you with a 6 position chip, it will be much greater than anything you buy aftermarket.

dp-tuner is all custom to your truck, banks, superchips, bullydog, etc. will not even come close to the power increase

I wasn't even considering this for my dad's truck.I was actually looking at the dp tuners, i haven't found one bad review of those. O by the way i looked more into these gforce "chips" and all they are is a $0.50 resistor that you splice in somewhere. It make your car think there is more moisture in the air than there really is so it dangerously leans out the air-fuel mix and can cause engine damage.

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