Rear Showa Shock rebuild - DIY

The bumpstop on my bike is gone. Other than that the shock seems fine, although I know it could use some fresh oil and maybe a recharge. Anyway, I searched and searched for a detailed How-To on this. The best thing I could find was this:

Ok so i got it all apart and everything WAS looking good. The the wire i used to hold my valve stack together came undone and the stack got all mixed up.

Anyway, I'm hoping someone out there has the specs for a stock DRZ400e rear showa shock.

Anyone got the specs?

Ok so here's what I've pieced together so far for my stock drz400e rear showa shock:

# of shims/thickness in mm/diameter in mm

Starting at the piston on the Compression side:

4) .20x44

3) .15x44

1) .15x34

1) .10x26

1) .20x42

1) .20x40

1) .20x38

1) .20x36

1) .20x34

1) .25x32

1) .25x30

1) .25x28

1) .25x26

1) .25x24

1) .25x22

1) .30x20

2) .30x40


Starting at the piston, Rebound side:

6) .20x40

1) .10x25

1) .20x40

1) .25x38

2) .25x36

1) .25x34

1) .30x32

1) .30x30

1) .30x28

1) .30x26

1) .30x24

1) .60x25


That leaves me with 1) .60x18

I'm not quite sure where to put that one. Any ideas? Does everything else sound right?

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