Need help with this old suspension!

Bike is a 1993 CR250 that im trying to get rideable for motocross. Basically I would be happy enough if I could get the CR to feel anything like my 06 RMZ450 with stock shims and 0.44/5.4 springs.

I have replaced the stock 0.38kg fork springs with 0.42kg ones, the shock spring should be stock, which is 5.0kg.

I have fresh 5W fork oil and 5W shock oil in the CR. The fork shims are stock, the peens on the compression stacks are still in place. The shock has been serviced so I dont know if the shims are stock or not in there, but there arent a whole lot of shims compared to the RMZ shock stacks. I have the CR shock stack written down but not handy right now.

Problem is that the forks bottoms badly on every hard landing where the RMZ suspension just soaks it up without any drama and the rear is also bouncy. When I adjust the CR´s clickers i end up with everything turned all the way in, front and rear comp atleast and it still bottoms. Rebound is also sloppy both ends and needs to be mostly closed in order not to bounce all over the track.

Could this be just because the shims are old, worn and tired?

Any suggestions? How about gold valves for this old CR? There are oem fork bottom caps with the shims and clickers still available but they arent cheap...

I am going to try 10W fork oil next anyway...

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Could this be just because the shims are old, worn and tired? ...

there could be many reasons, your fork doesn't feel like it was when new.

but even then, it will never feel like a 2006 twin chamber fork.

try the cr250 section mate!

good luck.

Well I put some 10W fork oil in and cleaned out the compression valves. There was some small pieces of crap between the piston and face shims...

Went riding today and ended up with fork comp at full closed and rebound open maybe 3 clicks. Shock comp and rebound full closed. Anyway it was rideable, and fun! MX hasnt been this fun in years!

Here are the shimstacks: Left is fork comp, middle shock rebound, right shock comp

Any suggestions how to get everything stiffer? Thicker oil or more shims?

The shock has 5W btw, thinking about putting thicker in.

10wt is thick enough , try more shims , don't put a 7.5 wt in a shock

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