1986 YZ80 Rebuild finished - Factory mix feels terrible!

Hey Guys,

After some long hours and a small cash investment I have finally finished my 1986 YZ80 rebuild and now I'm just playing with the mix to get in running better.

I've started at the workshop manuals recommended 24:1 but it's so smokey and and is resisting ban. I can definitely see a few spark plugs going down the drain with this mix. Iv'e been running around 40-50:1 on my YZ 250.

What do you guys think would be better? Just take it up slowly and see how it goes? or jump straight in at 40:1 or 35:1?



32:1 and then jet accordingly, cant go wrong

Cheers Capt Justin! I remixed at 33:1 and it feels so much better. Ban is no longer resisting on the angry little beast!

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