2000 rm 250 gasket help

got a new tusk top end , the gasket that goes on the bottom of the cylinder is smoooth on one side and has small ridges on one side, anybody know which side goes up?..... if this was put in upside would it cause it to leak?

it should only fit one way seeing as the pv linkage goes through a hole that the gasket would only fir over one way.

hats right...duh....evidently i didnt get it clean enough when i replaced it, removed the jug and the entire gasket is soaked, which explains how iam getting water in my cylinder and the bike runs just smokes

the water is coming out the exhuast which is where the water holes is in the block, i guess the skirt on the piston is thrwing it up there, couldnt figure out why the engine was running fine, just blowing white smoke

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