Not bending knees while jumping?

It feels fine to me while riding, but when I jump, I tend to not really bend my knees, and I poke my butt out! People think Im gooning! Should I just keep riding and forget about it, or should I start trying to bend my knees and stay relaxed and center over the bike?

Help me out!


Bending your knees helps absorb the impact. So I would try.

In reality, you wanna keep your knees bent all the time because its a bad habit to keep them locked like that, you could get hurt if you had a bad landing.

The whole idea of bending your knees goes a long way from absorbing bumps, to preloading the machine, its critical for your body to act like suspension whilst riding.

ocotillo behind the hills near shell reef? are you going up the jump with your knees bent, straitening them in the air, then bending them again on landing?

Bending is Good try it OuT helps take off and landing

All it takes is a hard landing with your legs locked and you'll know all about :smirk:

try and learn to be balanced with the bike, try leaning forward a bit more and grip with your knees, its what helped me get my foot positioning right on the footpegs. Doing this you'll get into the habit of bending your knees.

If your legs are straight all that force has to go somewhere when the suspension on the bike can do no more. Only one way to go.

shoot Im the polar opposite, I think I bend my knees TOO much, sometimes it almost looks like Im sitting down when I am jumping but Im not

Have you ever seen a stiff-legged boxer? No. They don't do that because they wouldn't be able to move well. And you shouldn't do that for the same reason.

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