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Piston differences YZ250 92 v's 93 YZ250

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I'm looking at getting a new piston kit for my 1993 WR250ZE, which uses the same OEM piston part number as the 92 YZ250, and have noticed that there are many more (and cheaper) options for the 93 model YZ piston kits.

I also noticed that most after-market pistons apply to the whole 92-98 range of YZ250's / WR250's rather than specific years.

Does anyone know what actual differences there were between the 92 and 93 YZ pistons? Was it a reliability issue that was rectified, or different porting, etc?

92 piston part # is 4DA-11631-00-D0 (which is the same as the 93 WR part #)

93 piston part # is 4EW-11631-01-D0



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