frame guards?

so im looking for frame guards for my 2002 rm250 and i cant seem to find any plastic ones like i want, especially for this year. does anyone know what changes were made after 02 on the frame or are they the same and i could throw some guards from a 2006 or up say and they will fit the same? cuz i keep hearing 2 different things and its really confusing me...:smirk:

so basically my question in a nutshell is that will any frame guards work?


ebay... and if it says its not for your bike don't try it. You could also try going to your parts store, have them look through older catalogs and call the companies to see if they have any inventory left.

04-08 will fit. 03 will need minor mods because of the rear brake master cylinder location and mounting. 02-01, no way because the frame tubes bend in differently and closer to the pegs.

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