1993 DR650 Help w/ Info pls

Hi, Im lookin into gettin a 1993 DR650. Its great shape, some work done to it, not bad miles. I know they lightened them up like 55lbs in like 96 (with a little loss to power but it seems worth it lol). Was wondering if anyone could give me some info, like anything known wrong/bad with them? And positives too, that'll make me feel better buyin an older bike haha. Thanks, any info is appreciated.

Back in college, I bought a new 1994 DR125 and a 1995 DR650 from the dealer. Depending on what you want to do with it, they can be great bikes. Just don't expent to MX with it! They come geared really tall (16/42), so any decent trail would require better gearing, say around 14/48. Just remember, its a heavy pig, so don't push it or you won't like the results. Get some decent DOT tires (MT21's or D606's), and you should be fine.

Suspension and carb tweaks should be ignored. I did both and wasted too much money. The carb will bog in the whoops, and the forks will dive and flex no matter what. For commuting and light forest roads, they're fine. Don't make it do anything more than that, or you will break parts. I found out the hard way how much a rear brake caliper and mount costs from the dealer, as well as a speedo-drive gear. In my opinion, try to find an XR or XRL. Better performance, more aftermarket support, and baja proven. The XR600 was always my favorite desert bike.

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