losing oil on left side of engine

I went riding yesterday, when i stoped for a break i noticed my boot and engine was covered with oil. I also notice that the small timing plug was just about to fall out.

It kinda looked like the oil came out of the plug. Is there oil in the timing cover side?

If there is not would it be posible a blown crank seal?

Yes, there is oil in there and an o-ring on the plug to keep it in.

The vent hose will also have a little oil blow out of it too.

thanks f-pilot i've been really worried about it.

I only have about 2 hours on the bike, is it normal to be able to kick it over without the decompresion lever. I wasent able when i first got it. Is it because its broken in?


I also have had oil leaking on the left side after a hard ride (breather line). I beleive in my case I had overfilled the oil from the previous oil change. I have about 12 hrs. on my 2001. As far as being able to kick it over without the decopression lever, that not an easy thing to do. If it is quite easy to kick over (similar to having the decmpression lever pulled in) then it sound like a problem worth invetigating. But the 426 is truly a 4-stroke that kicks.

No, that is not right.

1-Check the freeplay at the decomp lever, should be about 1/2 inch at the end of the lever.

2-Check the plug, I have seen them loose from the factory.

3-Get the bike back to your dealer and have them check the valve clearances and rings.

You have a 30 day warranty.



The very first thing you should do is go to the section in your manual titled STARTING

Follow it to a TEE.

At first it SUX.

But it WORKS if you just do what they say.

Each and every person riding one of these BEASTS has their own method of starting but I would almost guarantee that it is only a little modification from the manual.

I follow it almost exactly with the exception of crashing I pick the bike up and first of all hope it is still running but if it isn't I Try to kick it HARD one maybe two times.

If it doesn't start I pull the hot start then pull the compression lever and kick it thru 3 or 4 times (full kicks w/compression level pulled) then go thru the rigors of the manual suggestion.

Just go to the manual and learn it in and out then modify it to whatever works best for you!




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It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

I want to second what F-Pilot said and add that your bike does not have crank seals. Sorry, I can never resist that one, or the air screw vs. fuel screw thing.

Sometimes if you turn screw the idle down really far you can kick through the compression stroke with a decent stab. One turn out from that should break your ankle.

I was riding at Glen Helen about a year and a half ago. I came back to the truck when they shut the track to water and then I noticed my left boot was covered in oil. The timing plug was missing and there wasn't a drop of oil left in the bike. I ordered billet plugs from BRP and put some locktite on them. I also pulled the valve cover and there was no sign of wear where the cam rides in the head... I think the fact that I've always used synthetic oil helped me out, I don't know how long I rode without oil but there was no damage done.

you should NOT be able to easily kick it thru without the compression release being activated.

blowby from the breather tube is normal, especially if you put in too much oil.

4-strokes do not have crank seals.


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you should NOT be able to easily kick it thru without the compression release being activated

Except if the engine is badly flooded. In that case you can easily push it right past TDC.

Does anyone have the number or website for BRP. I would like to get the billet ignition caps for my bike. It fell over and scraped all the paint off it. Thanks

Hey guys, listen to this. I recently looked at what was supposed to be a 00' 426. UH UH, no way, too many wrong parts. What's really bad though is that I COULD STROKE THE CRANK COMPLETELY THROUGH WITH MY BARE HANDS!!!! The comp. release lever had slack in it so this thing must have been reamed. The Ohio dealership that claimed that this thing was in good shape and the salesman that goes by Dave will remain unnamed. Just be careful in central Ohio.


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That's soooooo funny. My name is Todd, and I work @ Park Cycle in Canton. Gotta be either F&S or ASK cycle? Cummon! Give up the info! That's got me screaming for more!!! who is it? :) Cummmmmonnnnn!!!

Dude? What's up? You gotta tell me.



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