08 yzf450... slight backfire when I kill the engine.

Recently my bike has started this slight backfire thing after the engine stops. I just did a new piston and ring set(just because it was due, not because of the backfire), and it is still there. Seems odd that it would all the sudden start doing this. Anyone have any ideas on what it could be?

Once in a while isn't too odd, but if it does that frequently, it could be that you have your fuel mix a bit on the rich side.

my 2009 does that too it might be rich but it only did it when it was new so it might be good when a bike clears its throat

My 09 does it too, mainly in warm weather/once its ran slowly through the pits after a race and got hotter than usual. Slightly over fuelled, thats all - nothing to worry about.

Weather changed much since it started?

thought it might be something like that... thanks guys!

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