2008 RMZ450 strange noise after valve check

I helped my friend check the valves on his bike yesterday and after we put the bike back together after starting it up we could hear a strange rattling noise coming from the bike. After a short time it stopped, he started it again today and it make the noise again. He rode it and apparently it rides fine but what could that be? It seems to come from the top end and it doesn't sound hard it like a light slapping or rattling. Any ideas?

We did end up turning the crankshaft backwards very slightly to line up the punch marks. Could this have caused some problem?

IMO, if you changed any setting from how it was before you did the valve work, then thats likely the problem.

In my opinion, it is something wrong with cam - chain tensioner - did you remove it?

We didin't touch the cam chain or cam chain tensioner, allthough that is what the noise sounds like to me.

It has an automatic cam chain tensioner but that doesn't mean it's working. The DRZ's are known to fail. Pull the bolt out of the center of the tensioner and check the spring for breakage. Even better would be to pull the whole assembly and check that the plunger isn't all the way in which would mean the chain is stretched. That's where I would look first.

I had it too with mine. Professonal mechanic forgot to turn the engine round twice. I believe it is stated in the workshop manual.

If you do not do that, you'll hear a lot of noise, but it will go away.

Take care.

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