KX250 Forks on a 230?

I have read all over that with a little money, some TLC, and a few new parts I can easily mount up CR85, CR125, or CR250 forks. I have seen 85 forks mounted, and CR250.

My question is will KX250 forks fit doing it the same way you would with the CR250 forks? New clamps and such. I have easy access to this bike:


And I can rip just about anything I want off it. I want the forks. :smirk: If I can use them, I will take them and store them till I have the rest of the parts. Thoughts?

My 230 came to me with xr250 forks fitted (dunno how)

It looks like they fabricated a spacer to sit under the lower head bearing race to adapt the length of the xr stem to the 230's headstock height so i suppose anythings possible



Where did you get those yellow bumpers on you steerig stops? I assume they are bumpers?


Where did you get those yellow bumpers on you steerig stops? I assume they are bumpers?

Sorry mate, it was like that when i bought it:ride:

Just go with Reger Engineering. They make a kit will save you in the long run! Get your rear suspension done and you have a bike that RIPS! And No top end rebuilds ever 30 hours. My 230 has become my work out bike. I save my KTM for just track days.

I did the CR250 conversion. Huge improvement. Get the KX triple clamp and try it in your 230 frame see if the KX bearings are compatable wth the 230 frame. My guess is they are not, but you can use the KX stem to make a cup sleeve for bottom of the 230 stem and a sleeve for the KX top clamp. Thats how I did my conversion before Emig started making conversion stems. You might consider contacting Emig to see if their 250 to 230 conversion stem will press into The KX lower triple If it will you are in. It may be useable with a little modifcation, It is worth some investigating. Regardless if you decide to use the KX you will need the entire front end (triple clamps, forks, wheel and complete front disc brake system) I have some pix of my modified stem if you are interested.


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