are these hotcams in time

I got my shims in and my cams arent exactly at 10 and 2 and if i move one only 1 tooth it goes to i just get it as close as possible then adjust the sprockets on the cam?

Post a pic, and no matter what do NOT try to adjust the sprockets on your cams!

They won't be exactly 10 and 2. Just put them back the way they were before. U did take photos?

Again do not i repeat do not loosen the cam sprocket bolts!

what if tthe guy that owned it before me moved them could i tell?

Ill get a pic up this evening...also when i put the cam cover back on do i need to put any kind of sealant around the gasket like the manual says...if so i dont have any of that suzuki brand stuff...does napa sell something i could use?

dothese cms look like they'll be ok?



bump it up

need better pics of the sprocket end and pic of the tdc mark in the middle of the window.

dothese cms look like they'll be ok?



the cam chain looks to be on the loose side to me





cam chain is tight i dont know why it looks that way...the cam side timing marks of the exhaust cam dont line up but if i move the cam one tooth its to there anyway to tll if the guy before me mover the cams sprockets?

ex cam it a tooth off.

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