Mammoth bar or mammoth lakes? 2 stroke freindly?


I'm thinking of taking a trip to mammoth for some riding with my gf, I'm a fairly capable rider but it's my gf's first year with some ocotillo trips under her belt and I'm trying to find some more info out about mammoth bar vs mammoth lakes,

I ride a 450 and she rides a kx 85 (2 stroke)

what area is better riding? Especially for 2 strokes

any details on crowds? Conditions mid June? Anything would be appreciated!

It'll be our first time out there so I'll need anything I can get..

We're rock climbing at Owens river gorge also anyone know if any Red Stickers OK areas around bishop??


What do you mean better for 2 strokes? If a 4 stroke can do it, than a 2 stroke can with half the strokes :smirk:

True, but for an inexperienced rider on a 2 stroke it's not that simple.. The powerband creates an issue on hills and trails aren't as fun on a 2 stroke unless you know how to harness the powerband..

Basically my chic is an ok rider I'm just looking for a place that isn't too heavy/ up hills the entire time.. Watching a chic get off first on a 2 stroke isn't the most entertaining thing in the world.. Especially on a soft sanded hill

Mammoth Bar OHV Area(Auburn) and Mammoth Lakes (Owens Valley) are separated by 200 miles. I think Mammoth Lakes is going to be more convenient for you.

Here's the link to ride info for Mammoth, Lea Vining, Bishop, et al.

Mammoth Lakes is pretty much all deep pumice sand. Very dusty, but there are not too many difficult uphills. A few, but you can usually avoid them if they are not your thing. Most of the "trails" up there are jeep roads. I believe it is Red Sticker OK, so the 2stroke is OK on that front.

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