Old School Graphics for RM 250

Has anybody done a newer RM with old school graphics? I always loved the mid 80s RM's with the blue/yellow.. My 97 is completely rebuilt and and in need of graphics. I'd like to go with some simple old school graphics, I thought it would look cool to have a newer bike with old graphics, stickers.. :smirk:

I wanted to do something similar with my bike but didn't end up getting it together. I was just looking at getting some stickers from this guy and putting them on:


Someone posted up a video here recently of a guy on a 01+ RM250 with a vintage kit on his bike, I don't know if he found out where that guy got it though.. I'll try to find the thread, it looked super rad!

cool, that bike looked nice with the blue seat and 1980 decal on the tank/ rad shrouds. I figured that I would have to just grab a bunch of old school decals and think of a way to place them so it looks clean and classy.. The old rm's were awesome looking bikes.

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