98 cr250 bogs and carb question

98 cr250 with a fmf front pipe stock muffler( looks stock at least) and uni filter. main jet is 175 32:1 mix. plug is a 8. bike starts up and runs fine with choke on but as soon as you turn the choke off it starts bogging out. it runs like it should with it on. if you have the choke off it almost will never start when warm. riding with the choke off it bogs and cuts out when you let off the gas. if it doesnt stall it will take off almost normal but not how it should. pulled the bowl off and cleaned out the jets as good as i could. does anyone have any thoughts on what the problem could be or sounds like. im not to sure how these carbs work. i have only had the bike for about a week.



2 things. pilot jet needs to be bigger and or clean your air filter.

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