Bent Rim - Fix or Replace (pics)

I bent the front rim on my 99 rm 250 (stock rims). Should I fix or replace it? If I can fix it how should it be done? If I should replace, what is the best place to get a new rim fairly cheap?




That is not a bent wheel, this is a bent wheel.


Might as well just get a new one. It would be hard to get the rim perfectly rounded again unless a shop can do it. But rims are fairly cheap. Around $100 depending on what brand you get. My front rim is slightly bent but I only notice it when I'm riding on a flat surface in like 4th or 5th gear. You could get a set of black rims. That would look BA haha

If you can feel it while you're riding, replace it but you may need new spokes too. If you can't feel it, I would continue to ride on it. I don't think that is that bad. Just my two cents though.

Here is what you need. Plastic hammer, piece of wood and crescent wrench. Cut the wood so it fits inside the rim. You could go a step more and shape the wood block to fit in a good area of the rim and use the wood as a template. Now lay the wood block in the bad part of the rim and smack the crap out of it with the plastic hammer untill it takes shape. The crescent wrench is for when you get ticked off. You can use it to bend the out side lip back in or out if you go to far with the hammer. You will not get it perfect, but it will hold a tire and tube. Just make sure you file or sand any burrs down before you mount the tire and tube. You will need to true the rim back up after your done beating on it. Good luck.

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