Getting new bike, help

hey whats up, im most likely getting a 2001 kx250 this wed, its been sitting a while but before it sat i know it has ran strong. im am going to put a new top end in, is there anything i should check for when doing this and is there anything else i should replace, and do you think any severe damage has occurred from sitting that long. any help would be appreciated thanks.

Has the bike been stored with all fluids left in it

im not really sure, lets just say it was what could possibly happen?

any one...

How long was it stored? I would pull the clutch as the plates can stick together when stored for longer periods of time, not to mention the part of the clutch that was not sitting in oil is probably very dry. Take it apart and soak it in some fresh oil or replace the fibers. If it was stored with fluids in it, drain all fuel and clean carb. Fork seals might be dry and leak but try em out and see. Seals in the brakes are probably fine. I have had bikes that sat for 10 years before I bought them and I just put fresh fuel in them and cleaned carb and everything was fine. Your main concern will most likely just be gas and cleaning the carb. Go have fun!

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