advice on new soft grips

I love my CRF450, but my hands are really taking a beating in long races.

Can you guys offer some advise on which grips seem to be the easiest on the hands??


I recently became a huge fan of pro taper pillow tops!

Spider Grips are my absolute favorite grips in 36 years of riding! These are stunningly great! No ties to the company!

+1 on the Pro-Taper Pillowtops....soft & sticky....but the trade off is that they wear out fast. But cheap enough to be worth it...

+1 on the Pro-Taper Pillowtops....soft & sticky....but the trade off is that they wear out fast. But cheap enough to be worth it...

:thumbsup:That trade off is well worth the decreased life of the grip, $15, and couple mins it takes to swap em out... with the non existant blisters and reduced arm pump compared to the previous pro taper half waffles I ran.

I like renthal full diamonds. Not a huge difference between soft and medium, although the softs dont last as long. Also, I have been using moto wash to wash my bikes, and if you spray it on the grips, and rinse, the grips are like extra tacky times 100000 compared to normal. Its weird, but true.

ProTaper Pillow Tops! They help reduce vibration and I never get that numb feeling in my hands anymore on long trail rides since putting them on my bikes. No more blisters either.

I agree with the pro taper pillow tops, IF you dont get arm pump from the increased diameter. I tried them and liked the feel, but got more arm pump than with the thinner synergy grips. I have some wrist injuries and love the shock absorption of the Fasst Flexx bars. I think they help with the hands too. Expensive, but to me worth it.

progrip 791's here... not only do they look sick and come in tons of different color combos... they are comfy as can be and i haven't had one blister yet since using them

so if a fella is trying to avoid the aggrevating the nerve damage that's already in his hands, how would he go about finding that fattestsoftests grips available? The grips in the local MX shops appear to have different design, but similar diameter.

I know a guy that runs the expert class, he has bad hand and wrist issues.

He uses the foam type street bike grips!!! He says they are durable, big, fat and soft. They felt strange to me, they seem quite large and I wear a large sized glove.

He swears by them, may be worth a try, I need a bit smaller diameter, so from teh advice so far it looks like the pillow tops will be the next ones that I will try.

I recently became a huge fan of pro taper pillow tops!

I second that motion. However, I think that the Spider Grips are easier on your hands. I like the pillow tops because your hand grips the little square blocks like velcro. I LOVE Pillow Tops! :smirk:

Tag Rebound grips, hands down.

No pun intended!

I used to use Pillow tops, but these are softer and a little larger in dia.

Just tried the Pillow Tops last week, and love em'.

Pro Taper Pillow Tops!!!!!!!!!!

Pro Taper Pillow Tops!!!!!!!!!!

love the pillow tops also, but i did just try a set of pillow top lites and i think i actually like them better. they arent quiet as large a diameter and it seems to be easier on my forearms.

I'm going to try out the spider grips for the first time. They look great and feel great...we will see. Moving over from progrips 791's..which I love for the grip, but there has to be something a little softer. Hopefully the Spidergrips will fit the bill.

I use spyder grips, came on a bike I bought used and have been buying em ever since.

I always gravitate back to stock Honda grips.

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